Six committees open to members

The Committee on Relations with the Public Authorities, Lobbying, Ethics is responsible for relations with the tax authorities, ministries, custodial authorities, law Bars, etc. both in France and abroad.


The Technical Debate Defining Committee is responsible for deciding on the technical themes to be discussed during the discussion meetings among the members.

The Communication and Events Committee is responsible for communications within the association and externally, as well as the organization of the association’s events and publications. It also oversees, where necessary, the A3F’s actions with the other associations concerned, and handles communications with these organizations.

The New Members Welcome Committee is responsible for the association’s openness and its development, and for ensuring compliance with the criteria for membership. This committee is responsible for welcoming and orienting new members. It also handles all questions concerning the social status and career paths of women tax specialists.

The International Committee is responsible for deployment of the Association internationally, and notably through partnerships and the development of an international network.


The Career Management Committee works on three specific lines:


1. Potential evolution towards other positions for tax specialists / Evolution within a company / Women tax administrators;


2. Image and positioning of the tax specialist / How to improve internal and external communications;

3. Implementation and deployment of mentoring actions within the association.