A3F, founded in 2005, was created because of the lack of women in decision-making bodies in the tax sector.

Today, women tax specialists have become an integral part of the field.


The reality

Many women have authority positions in companies, law firms, the French tax authorities and the university sector.

Our objectives

A forum for reflection on tax matters, composed of experts with complementary skills and experience.

An international forum for reflection and discussion.

To call attention to the role of women in the area of tax matters.

In the context of meetings with high-profile individuals in the economic and financial sectors and with women whose background and experience are exceptional, in meetings to discuss and reflect on tax reforms, benchmarking and training and informational sessions on tax matters, A3F is an effective contributor to encouraging general recognition and acknowledgement of the skills and the contributions provided by women tax professionals in institutions and administrations, professional associations and the media.