How to join A3F


In order to apply for A3F membership, the candidate must provide proof of 7 years of professional experience in tax matters.

The candidate must be sponsored by two sponsors who have been members of the association for more than one year or by two members of the Board. The sponsors must confirm that they know the candidate personally.


Membership procedure:

Membership applications are accepted in writing or by e-mail.

The candidate must send us a CV and a cover letter explaining her reasons for wanting to join us and the actions she would like to put into place with us.

An introductory lunch is scheduled with the candidate, her sponsors and the members of the Board of Directors in order to get to know the candidate better.

The Board of Directors will review the application presented and decide on whether to admit the candidate or not. The Board of Directors, if it elects not to admit the candidate, is not required to disclose the reasons for its decision.