Today, women tax specialists have become an integral part of the field.


A3F’s membership is now at 115 members with recognized professional experience in the various tax fields: tax managers, company tax professionals, tax lawyers and tax partners, members of professional groups, editors of tax reviews and professors in the tax field.


65% of our members today are in companies and 31% are in law firms.

In Companies, companies listed in the CAC 40, major groups and the bigger PME (small and mid-sized companies) are represented in A3F.

More than 68% of our members working in companies hold important positions with extensive responsibility, as Directors or tax directors for the groups or business unit.

26% of our members working in companies are from groups in the CAC 40; many CAC 40-listed groups are represented in A3F.


Law firms, both major firms and niche firms, are represented in A3F.

64% of our members are partners in their law firms.

30 new members joined us in 2013